The micro-injuries to the skin surface caused by needling lead to a stimulus that activates the body's own regeneration forces. As a result, needling produces large amounts of fibroblasts (skin cells) that naturally restructure the skin surface. Needling thus triggers the natural regeneration process of the skin and thus helps to eliminate stretch marks, stretch marks and acne scars "naturally".

Micro-needling is a natural treatment with a great effect, which also achieves very good results in the treatment of acne.

The active principle is based on an idea that is literally captivating:  Tiny fine needle pricks stimulate the skin to produce new collagen and elastin, which are largely responsible for the firmness of our skin. In addition, the local blood supply is improved, fine wrinkles are smoothed and the appearance of pores is improved.

Three treatments should be carried out at intervals of four to six weeks to achieve a long-term effect.

Price overview Micro-Needling

Complete face

• • • 79,00 € • • •

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Three treatments at intervals of 4-6 weeks are advisable to achieve visible and long-term success.

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