An even and perfect complexion without make-up

Anti-aging, silky skin texture and long-lasting make-up - that's what BBGlow can do.

We don't just cover up the skin, we get the best out of it. That's why we work with real power ingredients with our make-up treatment. Combined with reflective, levelling and natural pigments, we make the skin glow.

Our peptide complexes and colour combinations not only counteract skin ageing, they also lighten hyperpigmentation and dark eye shadows. Moisturising and balancing botanicals are great for redness, enlarged pores and blemishes. Tired skin thus shines with this freshness boost.

The latest application on the cosmetics market

Due to the gentle and effective incorporation by means of nano-needling, you have no side effects such as swelling or redness. Nevertheless, you intensively stimulate the regeneration processes of the skin, as the active ingredients dock onto the receptors of the epidermis and improve the skin for a long time.

The make-up concentrate combines ANTI-AGING with one of the most natural GLOW effects, which lasts FOREVER!


What is BBGlow?

Nano-needling treatment & Semi-permanent make-up. This treatment combines meso-active ingredients with natural pigments for an even skin texture with a lasting effect.

Our natural and EU, CE and TÜV approved products offer you a half-life of up to 6-12 months. The pigment components lead to an effective and immediate improvement in the skin's appearance, which still looks natural. We can increase the intensity as desired and respond to your individual wishes without causing colour differences in non-treated areas.

BBGlow can be used all year round as the pigments adapt to the skin tone.

The make-up treatment is gentle and painless and suitable even for sensitive skin types.

With the make-up treatment, we only want to gently work the ingredients into the skin. A short, very fine needle (nano-needle) is sufficient for this. Here, in addition to the make-up, we also stimulate the skin's regeneration processes (as with micro-needling) but in a gentle way. This method is suitable for all those who do not want any side effects such as swelling or redness.

What areas of application does the treatment cover?

- Acne
- also suitable for men
- Enlarged pores
- Troubled skin conditions/redness/couperose
- Eye shadows/eye circles
- Freckles
- Hyperpigmentation
- Discoloured skin around the eyes
- Tired/ sallow skin
- Scars
- Loss of elasticity
- Lines/wrinkles
- Dry skin

How the permanent glow effect is created?

In order to achieve a lasting result, it is recommended to treat the skin at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks. This intensively supplies the skin with the active care ingredients. You get a radiant complexion from the inside out. The pigency and concealing particles are only broken down over the next few months with the natural skin metabolism.


complete face: 79 €
with neck and décolleté: 179€
individual parts on request.

All prices include VAT

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