2 in 1 Training BBGlow + Microneedling + 2 Certificates 499,- € incl. VAT

Offer your customers top results!!! With the BBGlow and Microneedling treatment, your clients get an even skin texture and refined pores!

You will receive directly after the training: a starter set with a high quality device and two certificates.

Our training includes the most important theoretical information and practical exercises on models.
Duration: 1 day in Holle near Hildesheim
Cost: 499 € incl. VAT


What is BBGlow?

BBGlow is a discreet foundation. It lasts up to one year. The special BB serum is gently worked into the skin with a derma pen.

The treatment is suitable against:

1. sun spots
2. acne and uneven skin tone
3. freckles and skin discolouration
4. reduction of dark circles under the eyes

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a non-surgical procedure that helps to treat aesthetic skin problems. A microneedling pen equipped with small needles is passed over the problem areas of the skin.

When used correctly, tiny holes are created in the deep layers of the client's skin, allowing applied skin care products to better penetrate the skin and maximise their effectiveness. Microneedling thus helps with numerous skin problems such as wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, scars or hyperpigmentation. Pores are refined and signs of ageing are significantly improved.

The training includes the following topics:

Customer consultation and explanation of the active ingredients
Hygiene at the workplace
Dermatology of the different skin types
Preparation and post-treatment of the skin
Working on models
The correct application for each skin (choice of attachment, product selection)
Treatment structure

Of course, there is a detailed training folder in advance and if questions arise afterwards, there is follow-up support.

Each student needs 1 model. If there are problems finding a model or if the model cancels spontaneously, it is also possible to book a model through us before the training date.

In the training we work with our products, so you do not need to bring your own working materials. Our products can be purchased on site. We also offer a starter set (in this case, the starter set is included in the training costs).

We train independently of devices.

Appointments on 0170 - 29 23 947

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