Permanent make-up treatment procedure


During a consultation, we determine the optimal shape and colour according to your ideas and type. The permanent make-up should look natural and emphasise your own beauty.

Beforehand, I will be happy to sketch the desired result for you.

Before the pigmentation, an anaesthetic cream is applied so that you can be completely relaxed during the treatment.

Preliminary drawing

Afterwards, I lightly draw the contours for you with the pigmentation device using the appropriate colour. Then the surface anaesthetisation is repeated.


The drawing is further executed. The naturalness and precision of the drawings is achieved through the exclusive use of special very fine needles. Contours and shading become super fine and razor sharp.

In all my work, I make sure that the drawing remains a living part of your face, which means, for example, that I work with two different colours in all my drawings to achieve a lively and, above all, natural effect.

During pigmentation, I make sure that I remove any excess colour very carefully in order to be as gentle as possible on your skin and to make the treatment as pleasant as possible for you.

Warum Permanent Make-up?

Why Permanent Make-up?


Be perfectly made up 24 hours a day, emphasise the natural radiance and correct small blemishes.

Permanent make-up for all

who are allergic to conventional make-up
who lack a steady hand when applying make-up
who wear glasses
who also want to look perfect during sports and in the sauna


Eyelash line thickening at the top, e.g. for drooping eyelids
Lash line thickening at the bottom, for eyelid margin emphasis
Lash line thickening combined with fine eyeliner, for eyelid emphasis
Lash line at the top, to enhance expression
Lash line at the bottom, to enhance expression
Eyebrow thickening, for thin eyebrows
Eyebrow filling, for few or missing hairs
Lip contouring, for expression, for irregular lips or blurred lip edges
Lip contouring and shading, to enhance expression and naturalness.

Price overview permanent make-up

Lash line top
• • • 159,00 € • • •

Lash line below
• • • 129,00 € • • •

Eyeliner top - also modelled
• • • 199,00 € • • •

Eyeliner below
• • • 159,00 € • • •

Eyeliner top and bottom
• • • 299,00 € • • •

• • • 299,00 € • • •

One follow-up treatment within 3 months is included in the price. Depending on the skin condition of the client, a second after-treatment may be necessary. This follow-up treatment is charged at 69 euros.

Lip pigmentation with shading

first treatment
• • • 249,00 € • • •

Each further treatment
• • • 149,00 € • • •

All prices include VAT

The price for refreshing permanent make-up after one or two years is calculated at half to three quarters of the new price, depending on the effort involved..

Eyebrows images

Lips images

Eyeliner images

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