AquaFacial / Hydrodermabrasion

Price for one treatment: from 99 € inkl. VAT

This gentle treatment makes your skin radiant and gives it an even and smooth appearance.

Aquafacial/Hydrofacial is a treatment that is suitable for all skin types.

The treatment improves the overall appearance and elasticity of the skin, providing a more even skin texture and radiant complexion. Oily skin and enlarged pores are regulated and sun and skin damage caused by ageing is reduced.

AquaFacial treatment procedure

Step 1:
Skin removal: Dead skin cells are removed and healthy, fresh skin is revealed.

Step 2:
Fruit Acid Peel: The gentle exfoliation helps soften debris in the pores and prepares for deep cleansing.

Step 3:
Deep Cleansing: Impurities and loosened sebum deposits are pulled out of the pore structure by a vacuum.

Step 4:
Hydration: Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid are infused into the skin through a special attachment.

AquaFacial/Hydrofacial is the ideal anti-aging treatment and is also a secret weapon against acne.

We can perform both skin rejuvenating anti-aging and acne treatments with our device.

In the acne treatments, special modules are used that have an anti-inflammatory effect and thus lead to a faster healing of the acne.


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