BodySculptor-3000Watt-15 Tesla

EMS/RF device


Our devices are certified according to EN ISO13485 MDD 93/42/EWG Medical Device Directive tested.

special price: 16.390,- € (instead of 26.900,- €) plus 19% VAT

Direct purchase: 5-year warranty!
Leasing: No down payment!***
Purchase by instalment: 0% financing!**

**Down payment 8.800,- €
***Deposit 8.800,- €

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Free delivery and personal training at your location.
Radio frequency technology for skin and tissue tightening.
Skin tightening, muscle building and fat reduction in one device.

15 TESLA Technology
Latest 150 Hz technology
Short treatment times
50,000 SIT-UP's in 30 min.
Air-cooled applicators
Visible treatment results
Fat reduction
Muscle building
Skin tightening
No handpiece change necessary




Powerful muscle stimulation
Our double layer coil produces much deeper and stronger high intensity electromagnetic effects for maximum muscle stimulation.
The applicators allow long-term operation without overheating problems.
The body and limb applicators can work independently and simultaneously.
BodySculptor allows you to perform 50,000 sit-ups in just 30 min. while simultaneously burning superior fat with tremendous muscle gain as well as skin tightening.


no cumbersome diet necessary
no training necessary
skin tightening, muscle building and fat reduction in one device
visible results already after the first treatment
completely painless treatment
short treatment time thanks to 15 Tesla technology
very short regeneration times
without any joint stress
up to 4 times faster results
high operational safety
simple operation

Muscle building and fat reduction without a gym

Using HIEMT (High-Energy Focused-Electromagnetic-Wave) technology and four applicators, the body's own muscles are continuously contracted and stretched to optimise muscles in depth.

This effectively increases muscle volume and density. At the same time, the tissue is tightened by radio frequency. The electrical impulses promote blood circulation and the metabolism of the skin, which has a tightening effect on problem zones such as cellulite.

This makes the treatment very gentle on joints and bones.

With our BODYSCULPTOR both women and men can be treated..

Impressive results are achieved on the abdomen, thighs, hips and arms.

The effect that our BODYSCULPTOR achieves within a very short time is not possible with normal training.

During, for example, only 30 minutes of treatment, the muscles contract 50,000 times and behave like extreme sports.

Device software


NiSV compliant devices
Our devices comply with German, European and American standards such as CE, CE-Medical, MDD, RoHS, FDA, FDA-510K.
Our devices are scientifically tested and certified

Model / Typ BodySculptor / 3000 Watt / 15Tesla
Technology High energy pulsed electromagnet including radio frequency
Treatment mode Intelligent Mode / Expert Mode
Number of shots unrestricted
Pulse frequency 150 Hz
Applicators 2 x body applicators
  2x arm / leg applicators
  1x buttocks applicator (possible for an extra charge)
Handpiece performance 10 Tesla
Magnetic frequency Symmetrical two-phase pulse maximum 150Hz
Pulse width 260μs
Cooling system air cooling
Touchscreen 10 inch Ultra HD colour touchscreen
Cooling monitoring Permanent cooling circuit monitoring during operation
Power 3000Watt
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